Making Workspaces Work Harder, Through Integrated Technology

Technology is becoming more seamless than ever, but the process of sharing at work is generally still disjointed and inefficient. From sending and receiving emails, downloading data heavy files, to printing out lengthy documents, we are all guilty of these laborious practices.

Frem Group Technology are changing this, through their breakthrough of integrated technology, both in, and out of the office.

They will be showcasing their innovative communications solutions at their Connect Experience event, and invite you to experience the benefits for yourself.


Day 1: Wednesday 22nd February 10am-6pm, plus drinks and canapes from 6pm until 9pm.

Day 2: Day 2: Thursday 23rd February 10am - 6pm for a more leisurely day, where you can drop in for 1-2-1s with the experts, or book a meeting.


Frem Group's London Showroom 20 - 24 Kirby Street, EC1N 8TS.

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